I wasn't sure how to group my students or how often to meet with them. 

I struggled with classroom management and holding students accountable for center work.

I felt like I was spending all of my planning time trying to find new center activities every week. 

My district didn't offer any training for small groups, and I didn't know where to get help.

I realized that teaching reading in small groups was the BEST thing I could do for all of my readers!

  • In small groups, I was reaching every student right where they were. 
  • I was able to target individual needs on a daily basis.
  • My students were growing as readers, and their reading scores soared!

Through trial & error, I found the solution!

I was able to plan meaningful center activities in less planning time.

My students were actually completing their center work every day. 

Classroom management during small groups was easier than ever.

Best of all, my students were thriving in reading because I was able to teach targeted small group lessons! 

I've learned in a decade of teaching small groups that it does not have to be overwhelming or stressful! 

All you need is a simple system and the right tools to make small groups successful in your classroom, just like I did in mine!

It doesn't have to be a struggle!

In this course you'll get step-by-step systems for...

  • Planning and Scheduling

    Learn a simple process for creating your small groups, working around scheduling requirements, and planning your centers.

  • Center Routines that Work

    Create center routines that work for your unique class situation and form a plan for student accountability during center work, all with LESS planning time involved.

  • Classroom Management

    Classroom-tested strategies to keep students on task, prevent problem behaviors, and allow you to focus on your small group lessons.

Small Group Success Video Modules

  • Module 1: Set Yourself Up for Small Group Success

    The first module is all about getting your mindset and your classroom ready for successful small group teaching! You'll learn the components of the ELA block, how to structure your small group lessons, what the rest of your class should be doing while you teach small groups, and how to set up your classroom for small group success.

  • Module 2: Planning Out Your Centers

    Module 2 goes over planning each of your reading centers. You'll learn how I simplify my planning process by using 5 must-have centers every week. We'll dig into each center and what it looks like in your classroom. You'll also get BONUS activities to use in each center!

  • Module 3: Grouping & Scheduling

    This module is all about grouping your students and scheduling your small groups. I'll share a step by step process for creating your groups and schedules that will save you time and headaches! You'll get sample schedules, templates, and a Digital Center Rotation board (one of my best-selling TPT resources) as a special bonus in this module.

  • Module 4: Launching Small Groups

    As with anything else in your classroom, the first few weeks are most important. In this module, I'll outline a classroom tested 3-week launch plan to get your small groups started on the right foot! You'll get a launch plan for each week, complete with sample lessons to tell you exactly how to introduce small groups and centers to your students. You'll also get bonus reflection sheets and activities to use in your classroom.

  • Module 5: Classroom Management

    The last module is all about managing student behavior during your small groups and centers. You'll learn how to prevent misbehavior before it starts, what to do when students make poor behavior choices, and how to handle it if the entire class is struggling with behavior during small groups.



I want you to be 100% successful with small groups in your classroom, so I'm including over $50 worth of bonus resources for you...

  • Digital Reading Rotation Boards (a best-seller on TPT, free for you!)
  • Classroom Floorplan Designer
  • Lesson Planning Templates & Cheat Sheets
  • Digital Anchor Charts
  • Small Group Activities
  • Center Activities

Teachers just like you have transformed their small groups!

  • "Small Groups aren't as scary as they first seemed! This course broke down everything in detail and made it so much easier to understand. I now have a clear picture of centers for my upper elementary students! I love the digital tools provided in the course to help make small group creating easier. This course is WELL WORTH the money for any teacher who needs help implementing small groups! I learned lots of valuable tips and tools to help seamlessly implement small groups in my classroom this year!" - - Tiffany, 3rd Grade Teacher

  • "This was a very clear, informative program for successfully implementing small groups in your ELAR classroom. It gives you everything you need to help you get started and find success covering everything from planning, organizing, and problem solving! It's all covered! The bonus materials were so helpful and very unexpected. Quite a good deal!" - Brittany, 3rd Grade Teacher

  • "I walked away from this course knowing how to make Reading Workshop actually work and that centers are doable! This course is a must for other teachers who teach reading. It will make their life so much easier! I can't believe all the material, activities, suggestions, etc. that you included. I wish I had this information earlier in my career! Thanks so much for providing this wonderful course." - Cindy, 5th Grade Teacher


Each license is for 1 individual. Multiple teachers taking this course should each register individually. Use the Get Help button at the top of this page to contact me about group licensing or purchase orders.

  • $77.00

    For Grades 2-6; 5 Video Modules; Course Workbook; Complete Launch Plan; Bonus Classroom Resources; 8 Hour Completion Certificate

    I Want Small Group Success!

What's Holding You Back?

  • I don't have time for a lengthy course right now.

    This course includes short, easy to watch videos with actionable steps you can take back to your classroom right away. Each video is under 15 minutes. We'll get right to the meat of each lesson so you can finish the course quickly and start implementing what you've learned!

  • My students can't handle centers.

    Mine couldn't either! But then I realized that it wasn't my students that were the problem... it was my centers. You'll learn how to choose the right centers and keep your students on task and learning during center time.

  • My district requires us to use a specific curriculum.

    Everything you learn in this course can be used along with whatever curriculum or reading model your district requires. You'll be able to use all of the planning and scheduling tools, centers, launch plans, and classroom management strategies no matter what curriculum you use (and even if you don't have curriculum at all!).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for you if you teach Reading or ELA in grades 2-6. Everything you learn can be applied to your classroom whether you are self-contained or departmentalized. If you teach a lower or higher grade level, you'll still be able to use all of the scheduling, planning, and classroom management tools and strategies, but some of the included classroom resources may not be appropriate for your students.

  • How long will it take to complete this course?

    This course includes 2.5 hours of video lessons. In addition to watching these lessons, plan to spend 4-6 hours on setting up the included bonus resources for your class and implementing everything you've learned.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

  • Can I take this course with other teachers?

    Taking this course with your teammates is a great way to stay accountable for finishing and have support in your school as you implement everything you learn. However, one purchase is for one teacher only. Each person taking this course needs his/her own login. If you'd like to purchase bulk licenses (5 or more teachers) at a discount, use the contact button at the top if this page to email me.

  • Will I get Professional Development credit for this course?

    Yes, 8 hours of professional development credit is given at the end of this course. You will be sent a printable certificate upon completion of the course. Please check your district policies to ensure that these credits will be counted towards recertification requirements. As each district's requirements are different, I cannot guarantee credit and do not claim that this course is accredited by any institution.